About Me

Liz Burow is a design strategist that works at the intersection of people, culture and architecture. She is the director of Strategy and Discovery at HLW and leads multi-disciplinary practice that helps guide organizations to better workplace experiences and environments. She is known for bridging disciplines, creating unified solutions and transforming the needs of the client and the end-users into successful business propositions. Liz earned her masters in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her bachelor of arts in architecture from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.



Architecture/interiors Design Strategy

Workshop Facilitation

Data Visualization and Communication Design

Project Management

Teaching & Curriculum Development



Liz has extensive experience teaching, leading workshops and developing curricula for students and executives, designers and non-designers, with a special interest in getting people to work outside their own discipline, skill set, and/or comfort zone. Elements such as visual thinking, information design, and service design thinking introduce new frameworks for innovation and collaboration. Students get comfortable with thinking visually, and learn a broad spectrum of communication, information graphic and storytelling techniques to help make ideas tangible and bring awareness to relevant issues and topics.